Ish finished!

8 05 2007

Finally finally it’s done, the Filth Magazine advert is on YouTube.

Big big thank you to everyone who helped in the video, much love and kisses to you all

*scampers off to work on the next issue*



Keep the Filth….

1 05 2007

An open letter to the Lindens that EVERYONE should sign

Sign it here


Too Fast, Too Furious and just plain bad.

27 04 2007

After all the stress of the last issue I decided to teach Tie to drive

*shakes head*

It all went very wrong…..



16 04 2007

Well finally, (yes it was late, but we were up til 3am doing the finishing touches) we released the Death Issue today!

Packed full of guns, gore and girls, your informative guide to the After-Second Life.

Copies available at vendors or at Filth Magazine HQ.

Death Issue Cover


Delay of Filth

8 04 2007

It is coming I promise, unfortunately real life is trying it’s damndest to stop us bringing the next issue out.

So we’ve stuck the release date back to sunday the 15th.


Worrying delivery

14 03 2007

We were slightly concerned to have received a series of shocking pictures this morning, obviously we passed them along to the authorities immediately…

But not before taking copies *winks*

See them here


Filth Magazine Issue 2

7 03 2007

OooooOoooo oooOOOOOOOoooooo issue 2? Uh huh, that’s right, issue 2! Another dose of depravity and degenerate deviance coming out in late March/early April. Updates and sneak previews coming soon!

Filth issue 2 preview