New Filth Project

11 06 2007

Okay, first off I have to say this is NOT griefing. It may sound like it, and probably to a few people. But it isn’t. It’s called a Flash Mob and Filth are starting one.

A flash mob (or inexplicable mob) is a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, do something unusual for a brief period of time, then quickly disperse. We plan to bring this into SL.

The idea of the mob is not some political bullshit, it’s not about harrasment or whatever. It’s about being subversive and amusing.

We’re not going to go a store and cause hassle, we’re going to go to a store and lie down, point at the sky, dress as dinosaurs or make wishes. Anyone who uses the group as a griefing tool will be banned.

If you wish to join the group please IM myself or Tie and we’ll add you and explain further.

Much love





3 responses

3 07 2007
kaia Ennui

it’s performance art. it’s improv. it’s filthy cool. 😛

feel free to mob Nocturnal Threads any time.

there’s a great improv group that do this sort of thing in NYC all the time. i don’t know if you allow urls in your comments but you can check out their stunts here for inspiration. They’re also on youtube under the user name Improv Everywhere (i think). Some of their stuff gives me chills because i find it oddly beautiful. Some of it is just funny as hell.

anyway, kudos. i hope you take videos or at least pics.

22 07 2007
ColeMarie Soleil

Omg KAIA! **laughs** Go figure I want to join and the only comment is left by Kai… *laughs*

I LOVE that idea… I’ve been doing that randomly with people I know and filming it for a while… man… 22 spongebobs in happy spinning chairs in the middle of svarga… now that was random

anywho PLEASE add me

6 08 2007
A. Nony Mous

In RL this really is a beautiful thing. In SL, I’m not so sure. As subversive and amusing as you may think it is, I’d hate to be the shop owner whose store suddenly gets lagged to all hell, while my customers get annoyed into TPing somewhere else to shop. Just sayin’…

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