Ish finished!

8 05 2007

Finally finally it’s done, the Filth Magazine advert is on YouTube.

Big big thank you to everyone who helped in the video, much love and kisses to you all

*scampers off to work on the next issue*





8 responses

8 05 2007
Vertigo Paris

That is awesome! Yay!!!

8 05 2007
Ute Hicks

Nice video. The quick edits keep it energetic. It’s paced well. Glad you got the magazine launched in time to include it in the “history of publishing” exhibit for SL’s 4th Anniversary bash on June 23.

9 05 2007

Awwwwwwwwwwww woooooooot! Good job baby, can’t wait for the next one!


9 05 2007
Annstarr Allstar

I love the video. Sorry I missed it.

5 06 2007
anonymous onlooker

VERY Nice video, couple questions:

1. What guns are that doing the martial arts animations, that’s amazing! Who did it or where can I buy those?

2. That pink car in the video, is that as easy to control as the Dominus, also in that video? I have never found any vehicles in Sl that had as nice controls as the Dominus but i’m looking for some.

5 06 2007

The guns are by the uberly talented BloodDoll Lulu and contain those anims (gun kata’s inspired by the film Equilibrium if you’d read the article in the mag tsk tsk)

The pink car was the stang by JR Breed it’s actually Tie’s car (mine is the Dominus) and it drives pretty nicely when Tie’s not driving it!


6 06 2007
anonymous onlooker

Hey thanks for the reply on both questions. I didn’t even read the magazine in SL. The appearance mode post was the first time I was introduced to this site. I’ll be sure to check around In SL for a copy of the magazine and I can’t wait to grab those guns, thanks kitty!

6 06 2007
anonymous onlooker

and good job on the video, i just watched it like 10 more times! good job

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